Top brands and surface systems for all sports activities.

Natural, synthetic and recycled materials that guarantee the athlete's performance.



Flooring that improves athletic performance, safety and comfort.

Top athletes need the greatest shock absorption required to avoid any injuries that may arise from the impact.

Athlete protection

Air technology

Easy cleaning



Guarantee in resistance and durability.

Synthetic, recycled and natural materials.

Environmental awareness is evident in the development of our products, industrial processes, the materials we use, and all facets of our business.



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Dinoflex has been a leading innovator in the recycled rubber products manufacture for over two decades. Specialized in the premium quality rubber flooring production, surface, tile and custom products.

Shock reduction with g-fit Shock Absorb

g-fit Shock Absorb has been specially developed for free-weights areas as well as workout zones with exceptional loads. Dumbbell drop tests in laboratories and in practice prove the efficient sound reduction of up to 29 dB(A).

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Easy decoupling with
G-fit Gear

Treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and other training equipment generate noise and vibrations during use. Training equipment can be easily decoupled with g-fit Gear, including retrospectively, meaning that adjacent rooms are not affected by its use.

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g-fit from Getzner is a product line especially for the fitness sector. It is based on high-tech elastomers, which are installed as soundproofing under fitness floors or positioned directly underneath fitness equipment. Getzner offers optimum solutions depending on the desired efficiency and application: impact sound insulation or shock absorbing layers.