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We provide the best brands and surface systems for all sports activities.

Natural and synthetic materials, approved by the International Federations of each discipline.

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The BSS 100 system is a paved-in-place product with a single-compound polyurethane binder and SBR granules, finished with multiple sprays of 100% solids, pigment polyurethane and EPDM granules. Built for excellent value.

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The BSS 200 system builds on Beynon’s proven design of basemat structural spray systems by providing an additional impermeable seal layer to keep rain and snow from passing through the basemat into the subbase. The BSS 200’s thixotropic seal layer withstands the toughest climates, provides superior durability, and is backed by Beynon’s comprehensive warranty.

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The BSS 300 system is a dual-durometer sandwich product that features paved-in-place polyurethane, topped with a two-component seal coat and finished with a flow-applied layer of two-component polyurethane. This system adds a touch of performance and feel underfoot, especially for long-distance runners.


Beynon surfaces are found in North America's most prestigious track and field facilities, reputed collegiate campuses, high schools and city parks.

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